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Moon Rockers / Rocker Boards.

We call them Moon Rockers. They go by many names but were created by the Waldorf community primarily for use with young children for their fantastic ability to help develop balance and coordination, as well as just plain having fun and being creative. They are also increasing in popularity among adults, including physiotherapists, for many of the same physical reasons as Waldorf schools, including keeping balance sharp.

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We never include "instructions" with our boards for the plain and simple reason that being told what to do limits creativity.
Part of the beauty of such a simple tool is that a creative, playful mind can find all kinds of ways of using the boards.
We do recommend, however, that if you are using the board for physiotherapy, please consult an certified physiotherapist to make sure that what your intentions are with a particular use of the board make sense to a professional.
All activity with the boards must be supervised by a responsible adult.

Made from six layers of 3 mm (1/8") plywood, these boards are laminated together in a curved form to produce a curved balance and stretching board that can withstand over 90 kg (200 lbs) of pressure. The boards' edges are all rounded over and they are finished with a natural, non-toxic shellac varnish, providing a smooth surface for skin of any age. Each board forms 1/4 of a circle approximately 90cm long and 30cm wide (3ft x 1ft). Because these boards are made by hand, the finished dimensions vary slightly from one board to another.

Read a great (unpaid! 3rd party!) REVIEW of our boards from Alisa at Pumpkins And Me! She is a mom beginning Montessori at home. She also posted a VIDEO UPDATE 9 months later!

We are a small, family business with goals that are quite different from "normal". We are not in business to make a lot of money, but rather to make enough money to allow us to live as sustainably as we can on Gabriola Island and have time to contribute back to our community and the wider world - goals not unlike the board's original makers in the Rudolph Steiner Fellowship Community. If you're interested, you can check out our goals here.
As a consequence, however, we are never going to have really high production.
Because of this, as well as the consequent quality and relatively low price of our boards, we will sometimes (God willing!) be out of stock for open sale (no stock in surplus of orders or wait list) and have found it necessary to develop a wait list system for such times.
If you find we are out of stock and would like to be on our wait list, please contact us here.

Free in-Canada shipping on orders of 10 or more boards!

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Canadian Flag Canadian Low Volume (1-9 boards) Sales
Six layers of 3 mm (1/8") plywood laminated together. Holds over 90 kg (200 lbs). These oak boards are finished with a tough, smooth, all natural, non-toxic shellac.

$112.00 each (+ tax)
+ only $25.00 flat shipping fee for 1-9 boards
anywhere in Canada

Rocker boards are back in production!! The first finished boards should be ready by the end of January. Thanks for your patience!

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$112.00 each (+ tax)
+ FREE shipping
for 10+ boards shipped to a single address in Canada.

Contact us to make arrangements!

Group Sales ONLY!

Sorry! Rocker boards are currently unavailable due to my moving.

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