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Moon Rocker Group Sale Information.

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We can help make a group sale EASY! You can do as much or as little work as you would like. The only thing necessary for a Canadian Flag Canadian group sale to get free shipping is to have 10 or more boards go to a single address.

The first step is to decide whether you would like to collect the money for the order yourself, or whether you would like us to set up your own, unique, group order page where individuals or subgroups of your group can pay for their own boards. There is NO CHARGE for setting up this page if you choose this option.

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Collecting yourself / Fundraising Option
Groups or individuals wishing to collect funds themselves can do so any way they choose. Simply contact us to let us know you are arranging a group order (to make sure we have good communication about stock availability and give us a "heads up!") and then go get those orders however you see fit! We are a small, family business, so communication is crucial.
Some groups may wish to collect the funds themselves and charge a slightly higher price for the boards in order to do some fundraising. Given that our boards are much less than American boards, even before the difference between our dollars is accounted for, some groups (especially school or daycare groups) may wish to sell the boards for what they would cost if individuals paid the shipping (an extra $25 per person) or closer to what they would cost if using one of the many American manufacturers ($150 to $160 USD per board including shipping)! On September 25, 2017 that would cost $190 to $203 Canadian ($1 USD = $0.787498 CAD)- Ours are currently $125.44 CAD including taxes for Canadian group orders.
When you have collected the funds, we will send you a payment link or arrange some other way to transfer the funds to The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice. We will then send your boards by our mutually negotiated deadline.

Custom Web Page Option
Let us deal with the hassle of collecting the money! Or, rather, we'll do the work necessary to let PayPal collect the money. Using our web page option offers the same fantastic price, but allows members of your group to pay via credit card or direct debit, and no one (not even us!) has to be responsible for hundreds of dollars in cash or cheques! Anyone wishing to pay by cash or cheque can partner with someone who wants to earn extra credit card reward points or just help out.

It's simple. We will create a unique web page for your group to use for their order. We will give you the url web address of your group's page and you simply distribute that link to anyone you want, along with other details such as your deadline for orders and how they can collect their rocker boards from you when they arrive. After your deadline, we will contact you to let you know how many people and who ordered boards and how many boards each person ordered. If not enough orders came in for group pricing, we can extend the order deadline, arrange for the $25 shipping fee to somehow paid by the group, or cancel the order at which point we will refund those individuals who did order. Assuming the order goes through, you will need to arrange for people to pick up their boards from the delivery point.
When choosing this option, a few of the people interested in ordering a board will likely very much want to know that they do NOT have to set up a PayPal account to use their service to pay for a rocker board. See our Payment section for more information.

General Group Order Events
For either option in a group order, there are several things that are crucial.

  • Contact us about stock availability and timing.
  • Determine an order deadline.
  • Get the web url for your group's payment page (if applicable).
  • Get your information out.
  • Get your reminders out.
  • Finish the order.
  • Distribute the boards when they arrive.

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