Our family at The Carpenter's Son's Apprentice would like to wish you a very blessed day !

Moon Rockers / Rocker Boards.

I have GOOD NEWS and I have bad news.
First, the bad news: Unfortunately, I am no longer producing rocker boards. I am now working full time and have WAY too much on my plate.
Now for the GOOD NEWS: I have trained my ex-wife, Natalie, to make the boards and, frankly, she is impressive! She is working at least two part time jobs PLUS making rocker boards, so please be patient. She can be reached at NatalieATLissimoreDOTca if you replace the AT with the at symbol and the DOT with a period. Sorry about the lack clickable link, but there are WAY too many spam bots harvesting emails and we don't want to loose your email because of an automated filter. She can also be reached by phone at two five zero (250) two four seven (247) seven one three seven (7137). Again this is broken up to reduce spam calls from automated bots.

I have been privileged to serve the rocker board community for several years now, but times and life situations sometimes change, and they can change very quickly. The boards Natalie has produced thus far are superb. I will be passing her all my wait-list information as well as contacting wait-listed folks directly to let them know that they will be dealing with Natalie directly for everything, including payment.

Blessings to you all!.


Update! Natalie has begun to build her own website! You can find it at: http://www.littledipper.site

Click on an image for a closer look.